Food Safety

Del Sol Farms' top priority is the safety of our food. Nothing is more important than ensuring the public does not get sick from the produce we grow.

Our safety team does daily visual inspections of our fields and staff, weekly tailgate meetings in the field, and monthly safety meetings at the yard with all the field managers. We follow strict food safety guidelines and get certified annually in PrimusGFS, a Global Food Safety Initiative that is recognized in 15 countries and endorsed by more than 2,000 growers.

In addition to our own in-house food safety team, we also work with Agriculture Food Safety Consultant, Garret Fargo. Garret is responsible for keeping up to date with new food safety criteria, as well as inspecting and educating staff on measures to improve safety practices.

Our Commitment to Food Safety

Del Sol Farms Food Safety Consultant Garret Fargo

Garret Fargo
Food Safety Consultant

From planting to production, the produce grown on Del Sol Farmsí farmland adheres to strict food safety guidelines and procedures.

As a producer and supplier of fresh produce to tables worldwide, Del Sol Farms and its subsidiaries make a commitment to constantly enforce good agricultural practices that abide by established guidelines and procedures for food safety.

A strong belief in this commitment at all times is integral, as all operations, actions and tasks will, in one way or another, involve food safety practices.

State and third party inspectors conduct audits to ensure that growing operations conducted at Del Sol Farms and its subsidiaries follow all federal, state and industry standard practices.

These audits give our customers confidence that the food safety plans we implement are being followed, maintained and constantly adapted to ever changing industry standards.

In the event of any deviation from our standard operating procedures, we incorporate corrective actions to rectify and prevent future occurrences.

Food safety is not a static program. It is dynamic in nature. Each day, and throughout the growing process, our experienced food safety committee meets to discuss past and current issues to ensure that our program is adapting to the safety needs of our customers and the general public.

It is through these meetings and subsequent trainings that all employees are informed of our food safety policies and practices.

With this mindset, all employees at Del Sol Farms and its subsidiaries serve as food safety inspectors and are responsible for ensuring and enforcing our food safety practices and applying corrective actions when deviations are found.

The goal of our hazard program is to institute a proactive food safety system for the growing operation, whereby any potential product hazards are anticipated and controlled from product reception through distribution.

Food safety and quality control are the responsibility of all employees working for Del Sol Farms and its subsidiaries, affiliated service and product providers.

By creating and adapting our food safety program, Del Sol Farms and its subsidiaries have provided the tools and established guidelines to producing safe, wholesome, quality products that feed the world.